Days of our Lives

Season 49 Episode 15

Ep. #12222


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Sami searches the river bank and Nick emerges and pulls her in the water. Maxine gives Daniel a letter that Jennifer wrote on his behalf. Abe tells Rafe he's glad to see him finally up and on his feet. Jennifer tells J.J. why is he suddenly concerned to what happens to Daniel. Anne gives Theresa something to read while at the disciplinary hearing. Kate asks someone to pretend to be Nick to retrieve whatever he had sent to New York. E.J. asks Sami to tell him what's really bothering her. Theo picks up Sami's earring while on a hike. Rory and Bev try to get J.J. to smoke marijuana with them, but he refuses. Theresa changes her mind which infuriates Anne, and Westbrook dismisses the allegations against Daniel. Sami tells Kate that she lost an earring when they dumped Nick's body.

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