Days of our Lives

Season 49 Episode 22

Ep. #12229

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Theresa tells J.J. she has him dead to rights and and blackmails him into getting her some drugs. Abigail asks Jennifer why didn't she get rid of Theresa when she had the chance. Will tells Gabi he's glad that Nick is gone to New York and hope he stays there. Will tells Sonny he feels that Gabi is hiding something. Kate warns Jordan that she won't allow her to hurt Rafe. Gabi continues to be on edge and sees Nick and turns out to be Tad. Theresa plays with J.J.'s head letting him know she is in charge. Sonny overhears Gabi making plans with Kate. E.J. tells Sami they need to figure things out between the two of them.

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the middle class, love triangle, the high class, secrets and lies, suburban life