Days of our Lives

Season 49 Episode 36

Ep. #12243


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E.J. explains to Gabi, Sami and Kate they need to destroy the clothes they wore the night at the river. Abigail changes her mind about going to the New Year's Eve party after getting a text from Cameron. Will asks Sonny why didn't he tell him the truth the minute he found out. J.J. begins telling Liam about his mom and Daniel's past relationship. Nicole fights her attraction to Eric. Brady grabs Nicole, but breaks down and apologizes. Jennifer confronts J.J.'s over his latest scheme to get drive Liam away. Sami and E.J. help Tad in order to help Sonny on New Year's Eve. Will tells Sami he understands she did what she had to do. Eric realizes that Brady didn't go the meeting like he said he would.

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