Days of our Lives

Season 49 Episode 41

Ep. #12248

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Lucas does his best to keep Sheryl from spotting Jordan, but she still sees her with Kate. E.J. tells Abigail when they get home nobody can know what they did. Hope sees Ciara's uniform is ripped and finds out she's having trouble at school. Abe tells J.J. he's proud he stuck to his word and stayed away from drugs. Gabi, Will and Sonny go to E.J. and asks if he stopped Abigail from talking to Hope. J.J. tells Theresa that he almost got caught with her drugs in his possession. Sheryl starts to open up to Kate about knowing Jordan back in Birmingham. E.J. realizes he made a mistake by sleeping with Abigail.

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the middle class, love triangle, the high class, secrets and lies, suburban life