Days of our Lives

Season 49 Episode 56

Ep. #12263

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Sami tells E.J. if he managed to get through to Abigail. Aiden tells Hope they best thing is to transfer Ciara out of St. Luke's school. Kate wonders what Nick is up to after he basically threatens her. J.J. manages to keep Theresa from spotting Bev talking with Anne, by saying he's here to meet Abigail. Will tells Gabi he is not going to allow Nick back into their lives. Maggie declares to Brady that if he continues to drink then she won't be his sponsor anymore. Abigail tells J.J. that his plan for Theresa might blow up in his face. E.J. tells Sami things have to change between them. Hope and Aiden agree to sit down and talk with their children. Theresa comes across the envelope.

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Jan 28, 2014
Ewww Nasty. EJ. &. Abby. No way,,, are the Writers Drunk ????

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