Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 110

Ep. #12065


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Chloe tells Daniel and Jennifer to be there for Parker and she is leaving Salem to get help. Freddie assures Sy that Victor is probably looking at the picture right now and Kristen will be busted. Sami almost walks in on Vargas and Nicole, but gets a call from Caroline asking her to come to the pub. Stefano asks his associate there's someone he was to get rid of. Brady gets sidetracked by a call preventing him from seeing the contents of the envelope. John tells Marlena about his project and needs a few things from her storage locker. Stefano tells Kristen that Sy is still in town and is making trouble. Sami is surprised when E.J. proposes to her. Chloe tells Anne that it's over and she is leaving town. Stefano and his associate approach Sy in the town square. Brady asks Marlena to look at some photos for her input. John visits Kristen saying he's brought her something.

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