Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 111

Ep. #12066


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E.J. asks Sami if she is either accepting or rejecting his marriage proposal. Vargas puts added pressure on Nick. Sy tells Stefano that he sent Victor photo of Kristen giving him money. John tells Kristen she'll reconsider after she sees what he brought her. Lucas sees that Kate is upset over Stefano being back in town again. Marlena is interrupted by Hope who is about to look at the picture, telling Brady there's no news about the mugger. Gabi realizes and asks Kate if he and her are together. Sami tells E.J. after hearing what he has to say agrees to marry him. Marlena tells Hope if they find the mugger, he give Kristen up just to make a deal. Lucas finds out about Sami and E.J's engagement. Stefano informs Kristen that Sy sent the photo to Victor, she then says her plan can't end this way.

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