Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 114

Ep. #12069

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Ciara begins to approach Kristen, but she and Brady leave the pub. Jennifer gives Parker another toy train to replace the one that Chloe smashed. Abigail and Maxine overhear Anne talking with the hospital administrator discussing Cameron's stripping job and should be fired. Eric lashes at Nicole after catching her and Vargas in his office. Maggie makes amends with Jennifer after learning what Chloe put her and Daniel through. Abigail asks Jennifer's help in dealing with Anne, and Maxine wants in as well. Nicole calls up Vargas asking him to come to her room. Eric makes a confession to Father Matt that he gave into anger tonight. Abe thanks Chad for getting Cameron over to spend some time with Theo. Brady gets an alarming phone call. Abigail tries to call the club and warn Cameron.

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