Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 116

Ep. #12071


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John sits and waits at Caffeinated hoping Kristen will take the bait. Daniel tells Jennifer that he has to do something before going into work. Ciara tells Hope she knows something about Kristen. Brady asks Kristen why she didn't get rid of the baseball jersey that John gave her. Abe asks Nicole what is going on with her and Vargas since he thought they were getting along. Kristen gives John the jersey wanting him out of her and Brady's life. Daniel tells Eric that it was because of Nicole he got back together with Jennifer. Jennifer tells Anne to get her things out and just maybe she can keep her job. Ciara is about to show Hope the picture, but lashes out after finding out Bo won't be coming home as planned. Eric tells Nicole that he knows what she did for Daniel and Jennifer.

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