Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 117

Ep. #12072


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Ciara tells Brady about Kristen giving her money away to people. Kate tells Nick although she is impressed with his work she can't stand the sight of him. Sami calls Will telling him that Stefano is on his way home and today is the day they ask him. Gabi looks at pictures of Rafe and asks why Kate wasn't in Chicago with him when he was dancing. John tells Kristen that coaching the little league team is when he began to fall in love with her. Hope steps in before Ciara can show Brady the photo. Adrienne tells Sonny to be careful while trying to get something on Nick. E.J. tells Stefano that Will is being blackmailed and Nick forced him to sign away his parental rights. Brady almost comes to blows with John after finding him in Kristen's office. Rafe assures Kate that he is done with Sami.

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