Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 123

Ep. #12078


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A mysterious figures keeps watch on Jennifer through the window. Eric tells Kristen he wants to be there for Brady but is concerned about Marlena. John breaks a glass in his hand when Nicole brings up his son's wedding. E.J. asks Brady what he's up after interrupting his secret meeting. Roman asks Marlena why she's hysterical and asks what John has done now. Victor overhears John talking with Nicole, and then sees Roman walk in the pub with Marlena. E.J. asks Stefano why he's so sure that Kristen and Brady's wedding will never happen. Daniel tells Anne that Chloe told him every little and won't say anything if she stays away from Jennifer. John tells Roman to look after Marlena cause she's all his. Nicole tells Eric there was a situation involving his family. John assures Abe that he has things under control. The person lets himself into Jennifer's house, and picks up a pic of her and Daniel. Brady shocks Kristen when suggests that they adopt a child.

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