Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 124

Ep. #12079

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E.J. goes to answer Sami's phone and is stunned to find a gun in her purse. Kristen gets emotional after Brady went through the trouble of getting them to adopt a child. Ciara tells Adrienne she believes that her daddy will never be coming home. E.J. calls Justin asking him if he's considering his proposal. Kristen tells Brady that what happened to her all those years ago, goes back to John. Justin tells E.J. if he goes along with his plan, Stefano will be left with absolutely nothing. Sami intercepts Stefano's dirty cop who has the evidence with him. A cop tells Ciara to give her mother an important envelope, but she decides to keep it from her. Kristen asks Stefano to the secret room, so she can go and think, she's shocked to find John already there. Jennifer is greeted by an unexpected visitor in her home, which turns out to be J.J.

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