Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 125

Ep. #12080


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Vargas gets the feeling Nick isn't telling him about the progress regarding his money. Sami continues to obtain the evidence from Bernardi. Jennifer is about to tell J.J. about her and Daniel, before Abigail enters the room. Brady asks E.J. where Kristen is, and starts to search the whole house for her. Gabi catches Nick and Vargas in a tense moment, and asks to keep his distance from him. Abigail asks J.J. what's really going on with him when she brings up Daniel. Kristen tells John that this is the room that she kept Marlena prisoner in. Daniel tells goes to have a talk with Brady who says John will pay if he tries to break him and Kristen up. Will asks Sami if she got the evidence and if it's destroyed. J.J. answers the door and encounters Daniel.

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