Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 130

Ep. #12085

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Brady asks Kristen they shouldn't wait but to get married right away. Daniel asks E.J. if he had anything to do with attacking Rafe. Marlena tells John that she is done with this, and asks if what he wants is a divorce. Eric takes Nicole to the hospital after he gets word about Rafe. Jennifer learns that J.J. has been lying to her about what really happened in London, cause he was the one dealing pot not his roommate. Nicole tells Daniel that if he thinks what happened to Rafe is because of her. Kristen loses her grip on reality after her argument with Brady. John is about to answer Marlena, before getting a call from Sami saying Rafe was hurt last night. Abigail pressures J.J. for answers, and he tells her to let this go. J.J. comes home and sees Daniel and Jennifer together and gets angry. John tells Marlena to go ahead and file for divorce.

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