Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 132

Ep. #12087


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Eric sees that Marlena's been crying and asks Brady what he's done to his mother this time. Nicole comes up asking Ciara was she is looking at. John asks Kristen if she already dumped Brady, or if she plans to go through with the wedding tomorrow. Nick comes through for Vargas. Vargas tells Nick that even though he tripled his money their business is far from being finished. E.J. sees as someone appears in a corner of the hospital. Will and Sonny check out Nick's alibi the night of Rafe's attack. Gabi remembers Nick showing up at the pub with a muffin, after Hope says that nothing from the bakery was found near Rafe. Johnny manages to obtain whatever Ciara was hiding in her backpack. Jensen approaches Nick telling Gabi to tag along and cause she wants her to hear what he has to say. Hope gets word regarding the release of a prisoner.

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