Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 133

Ep. #12088

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Hope reads the letter on the release of Jensen. Sonny and Will see someone approach Gabi and Nick in the town square. Sami demands that E.J. tell her if he had someone attack Rafe. Cameron confronts Abigail about her feelings for Chad, she then asks him if he's jealous. Sonny and Will watch as Jensen pulls a gun on Nick and Gabi. Kate confesses her feelings to Rafe as Stefano eavesdrops. E.J. tells Sami if he doesn't believe him, then to take off the ring and get out. Will goes in to free Nick and Gabi, he pleads with Sonny to get Gabi out. Hope goes to Vargas for help, and learns that Jensen literally abused Nick while in prison. Gabi tells Sonny that her water broke and the baby is coming now.

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the middle class, love triangle, the high class, secrets and lies, suburban life