Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 134

Ep. #12089

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E.J. convinces Sami that he did not have someone attack Rafe. Daniel asks Abigail if J.J. is happy to be back home again. Gabi tells Sonny that the baby is coming at this very minute. Jensen asks Nick who helped Gabi escaped, he asks to leave her out of it. Hope heads to Smith Island after Vargas says that he used to hang out there a lot. Justin asks Kate if she believes that Stefano had something to do with putting Rafe in the hospital. J.J. admits to Jennifer that he broke Daniel's mp3 player, as well as Parker's train set. Sami and Kate have a huge altercation about her involvement with Rafe. Will and Jensen quarrel and grab then gun leading to Will getting shot. E.J. tells Justin nobody is to know of their association. Hope hears Gabi's screams, and hurries to find her. Abigail finds J.J. hanging out with the wrong crowd.

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