Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 135

Ep. #12090

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Hope bursts in an opens fire killing Jensen, and goes to check on Will. Sonny manages to get Gabi's baby crying, and puts her in her arms. Sami realizes that Kate is actually in love with Rafe. Nick begins to see Will in a new light after saving his life from Jensen. Lucas tells Marlena he is trying to understand why Sami is marrying E.J. after all that he's done. E.J. presents to Justin the final things to bring Stefano down. Sami gets a call from Hope saying that Will was shot and is being taken to the hospital. Sami attacks Nick accusing him of arranging Will's shooting, but Hope says that's not how it happened. Justin comforts Sonny saying Will will survive cause he has something to come back to. Vargas tells Nick that Jensen is dead and won't be able to touch him anymore. Daniel tells everybody that Will will make a full recovery.

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