Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 145

Ep. #12100


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Kristen has a tense encounters with Sami after leaving a message for Brady. Nicole insists on taking Brady for a night on the town. Daniel angrily tears into J.J., Jennifer shows up and Daniel says that her son wasn't paying attention to Parker and he could've gotten hurt. John asks Eric how Marlena is doing as of late. Bernardi is interrupted when Gabi arrives to visit Rafe. Jennifer asks Daniel if he thinks J.J. is sorry for not watching Parker. Eric refuses to hear Kristen's confession. J.J. lashes out telling Abigail he doesn't want to talk about Daniel cause he's not his father. Kristen gives Nicole a piece of her mind and they get into a quarrel. John's confession shocks Marlena. Sami shoots Bernardi as he is about to strike on Rafe.

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