Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 146

Ep. #12101


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Kristen and Nicole's in the town square intensifies. Stefano waits for confirmation from Bernardi that the deed was done. Brady goes to Eric says he owes him an apology. Kate and Gabi hear a shot and immediately go to check on Arianna, and learn it came from Rafe's room. Abe tells Hope that she is in the clear about Jensen's death, she then gets a call about a shooting at the hospital. Marlena tells John where she stands regarding their relationship. E.J. tells a frantic Sami to give him the gun, as security confiscates it. Stefano is livid after getting word that plan went horribly wrong. Hope goes to question Sami after hearing that maybe Stefano could be involved. Brady stops the fight between Nicole and Kristen. Kate confronts Stefano warning him to come after her and not Rafe. Abe breaks the news to Sami that the person she shot was a police officer and forensics didn't find any weapon.

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