Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 148

Ep. #12103

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Sonny tells Will he is inviting Gabi and Arianna to come and live with them. Jennifer confronts J.J. about him vandalizing Daniel's car. Abigail goes to Daniel's asking if Parker is alright thinking she never should've taken her eyes off of him. Gabi tells Will that the cop that Sami shot just died. Marge slaps Sami after she said she shot her husband, saying she will pay dearly. Sonny brings up to Gabi the idea of her coming to live with him and Will. Kate tells Marlena about Sami's current predicament. Roman tells Sami they haven't found the knife yet, but they are still searching the hospital for it. J.J. tells Rory that since nobody saw anything, nobody can prove they vandalized Daniel's car. Daniel and Jennifer have a huge disagreement about J.J. Hope places Sami under arrest for the murder of Bernardi after the search for the weapon came up cold.

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