Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 149

Ep. #12104

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Everyone reads the newspaper headline learning of the shooting at the hospital. Anne sends Flynn a reporter to ask a few personal questions for Jennifer. Roman tells John he can start by staying away from Marlena if he wants to help Sami. Abigail asks J.J. who his friend is and doesn't believe he is even attending summer school. Daniel receives a visit from J.J. Brady has a brief fantasy about Kristen. Cameron tells Abigail he's certain that Chad has his own personal agenda. Stefano quietly slips out of town after learning what went happened. Jennifer sees that Daniel still thinks J.J. is the one that vandalized his car. Nicole and Eric get into a fight about Sami. J.J. overhears some value information from Cameron he can use to his advantage. Kristen meets with a mysterious man.

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