Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 151

Ep. #12106


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Brady realizes that Eric is waiting for him at the front door. Daniel tells Hope he doesn't want Rafe to have a setback when he finds out what happened while he was in a coma. Kristen asks Dr. Chyka how do the formulas work. Abe tells Roman he is not the police commissioner and has been relieved of his duties, and he will be temporarily taking over. Brady tries to distract Eric, but it doesn't stop him from spotting it. E.J. isn't surprised when Kristen tells him that Stefano quietly slipped out of town. Marlena hypnotizes Sami and she sees that Bernardi is holding a razor not a knife. E.J. sees the video of Sami fighting with Bernardi, and asks Chad and Abigail to keep their mouths shut.

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