Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 161

Ep. #12116

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Marge is livid after learning that Sami won't be indicted for her husband's murder. Kate is given something by Nick to make fools of Sami and E.J. Kristen continues to edit the video of her and Eric making love. Victor brings Ciara to take a look at the new school. Gabi begins to feel stressed, when she can't locate Will and Sonny when she's running late. Nicole gives Vargas some advice to steer clear of Nicole. Will accidentally overhears Brent tell Sonny if he wants this kind of life. Adrienne has a run in with Marge who offers her condolences. Eric unwittingly gets his hand on proof of what happened to him, while visiting Sami at the DiMera mansion. Nick and Gabi make a decision about their marriage. Kristen realizes that Eric is probably watching the video and goes to stop him.

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