Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 163

Ep. #12118

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Eric has brief memory flashes and suffers a severe relapse. J.J. insists on taking Theresa back to his place cause they'll be all alone. Kristen makes an admission to Nicole on her feelings for Eric. Jennifer tells Daniel she needs to focus on J.J. right now, cause she needs him. Cameron and Chad see themselves competing for whoever takes Theo to the lake to see the fireworks. Gabi sees that Abigail is having trouble with just more then one guy. Kristen reveals to Nicole that she had what she's been dreaming of and it was memorable. Eric tells Daniel he feels something is keeping him from remembering what happened in his hotel room. Jennifer and J.J. have a huge blowout saying he will never forget about Jack, and she should do the same and not be around Daniel. Dr. Chyka comes to check up on Kristen to see that everything is going as planned.

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