Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 164

Ep. #12119

Full Episode: Ep. #12119


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Gabi tells Abigail that she and Nick have agreed that their marriage is over with, Jennifer tells Adrienne she feels that inviting J.J. to the lake for 4th of July is a really good idea. Will's insecurities about Sonny continue to grow, as her overhears him turning down going to a rave with Brent. Abigail feels awkward when she runs into both Chad and Cameron who are playing with Theo. Tad is introduced to baby Arianna. Anne tells Jennifer that she must be proud her son is back in town, and might be a chip off the old block. J.J. sneaks off to meet Rory and Bev, and comes across Theresa. Adrienne apologizes to Will for all the things she said about him and Sami. Abigail thinks something is wrong when Justin tells her that J.J. went home cause he wasn't feeling well.

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