Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 167

Ep. #12112


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Daniel thinks he may have found out what happened to Eric. Nicole sees that Brady is looking at the adoption papers and offers to rip them up for him. Gabi, Cameron and Kate step in when they see Sami in Rafe's room and the alarms are going off. E.J. offers to Chad to move back into the mansion. Cameron wants Sami not to enter Rafe's or else she'll be arrested. Daniel is distracted by Parker, and Kristen looks through some papers on his desk. Chad informs Kate that E.J. had Stefano kicked out of his home and company. Eric begins having disturbing memory. Brady makes an insightful confession to Maggie. Sami realizes that E.J. has been planning this hostile take over for the past five months. Rafe asks Kate why was Sami trying to kill him.

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