Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 170

Ep. #12125

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Ciara asks Brady why he and Kristen aren't getting married anymore. Maggie abruptly tells Jennifer that she is being a fool for letting Daniel slip through her fingers. Kristen throws her purse and her tablet starts playing the movie with her and Eric. Kate tells Abe she fears she's to blame for Rafe's critical condition. Nick declines Gabi's offer for him to come and see Arianna anytime he wants. Daniel has a brief dream of him spending the night with Jennifer. Rafe's monitors go off while asking Kate why would Sami shoot him. Gabi visits Rafe and says she gave birth to a daughter which she named after their sister. Brady is shocked after he overhears Kristen's confession to Jennifer that she really did love him. Daniel tells Eric his findings that he was deliberately poisoned.

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