Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 175

Ep. #12130


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Marlena tells Roman she feels that Kristen is up to no good. Adrienne comes to talk to Sonny, but he doesn't to hear anything she has to say. Kristen waits for the opportunity to play the movie in front of everyone, but keeps gets interrupted by Brady needing to speak to her. Nicole blasts E.J. for what he hinted to Eric. Brady tells Kristen he knows everything is cause John told him the truth on her backing out of her plan. Adrienne shows the video to Melinda, and after watching it she orders Abe to have Sami brought into custody. Bishop White is confused by Kristen's donation, when she was about to confess a sin to him. Abe arrives and places Sami under arrest for Bernardi's murder.

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