Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 177

Ep. #12132


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Kristen lies to Brady when she says there hasn't been anyone else. Theresa sees that Jennifer is having guy trouble offers her insight. Justin rips into Adrienne for what she has done. J.J. tells Abigail to back off when she asked around about his friend Rory. Abe scolds E.J. for deliberately concealing evidence. Sonny tells Brent and Chad he can't deal with the coffee house right now, cause he is dealing with some issues. Justin tells E.J. to find another attorney cause he is out. Chad promises Abigail he will protect her after finding out that Sami was arrested. Theresa tells J.J. she has way to make his troubles go away. Jennifer sees that Kristen and Brady are rekindling their romance. Will confesses to Justin that he was the one that shooting E.J. and is protecting his loved ones. E.J. approaches Adrienne and asks if she feels safe.

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