Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 178

Ep. #12133

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J.J. is delighted when he overhears Jennifer tell Maxine she and Daniel aren't together. Brady stops by giving Kristen some flowers wanting to know what she's doing with her life lately. Rafe asks Gabi why Kate hasn't been to visit him since he woke up. Cameron offers Gabi some friendly advice. J.J. tells Rory he can't make a deal in broad daylight not with Abe and the police around. Jennifer tells Theresa after catching her in a lie, and won't hesitate in giving her a bad job evaluation to Kayla. Nicole comes across Kristen and Brady having breakfast together. Daniel reveals his latest idea to have his friend figure out who poisoned Eric. Cameron gives Gabi some friendly advice. Rafe asks Kate after reading the paper why Sami would kill Bernardi. Theresa comes back and sees Daniel in Jennifer's office.

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