Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 182

Ep. #12137


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Rafe has a nightmare that Stefano came into his room and started to strangle him. Vargas asks Nick where he's been cause he hasn't seen him lately. Lucas asks Sami he feels it's his fault that they should've destroyed the evidence first hand. Chad was doubtful thinking he could get the truth out of Stefano. Kayla suggests to E.J. they need to exume the body and do another autopsy. Lucas wants Will not to blame himself that his mother is back in jail. Cameron consults Kayla about Chad's CT scan. Will suggests to Sonny to go with Brent on the hiking trip. E.J. tells Sami there's a good chance the gunshot is not what killed Bernardi. Rafe lays into Nick for the way he treated and manipulated people and will keep an eye on him from now on. Stefano receives some interesting information.

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Aug 19, 2013
Its time for Stefeno to go down for his crimes, and Leave Ej & Sami and kids alone..

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