Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 190

Ep. #12145

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J.J. sees Nicole watching him, Rory and Bev from a far. Sami receives a death threat, and realizes her food could be poisoned. E.J. instructs Finn to plant money in Bernardi's house, to convince police that he was on the take. Theresa decides to make further inroad with Daniel, but gets interrupted by a call from Kayla. Marge asks Abe to protect her husband when Sami's trial starts. Hope opens up to Julie about Bo going undercover and not sure when he'll ever be coming home. Nicole goes to Daniel about her suspicions about J.J. Sami shows E.J. the note was placed with her dinner. Kayla tells Theresa that if her job doesn't work out, she return to California to serve time for a drug bust. Adrienne switches doughnuts with J.J. unaware of what he put in them. Abe gets an anonymous tip and tells Marge he can't ignore it.

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