Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 192

Ep. #12147


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J.J. stops Abigail from eating a doughnut, and makes up and excuse before throwing it away. Kristen tells Brady she dreamed that she was finally with the right man. Jennifer apologizes to J.J. about how her and her book club acted last night. Brent asks Sonny if he's thinking about coming with him on the trip to Bryce Canyon. Cameron tries to get a hold of Chad, but he ignores his text message. Abigail reveals to Jennifer that she knew about the video of Sami before it came to light. Jennifer has a fantasy of her and Daniel making love in her office. Will confronts Brent over his insecurities towards Sonny and feels foolish afterwards. Chad tells Cameron he's gonna do whatever it takes to beat this thing. Kristen realizes that she might be pregnant.

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