Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 199

Ep. #12154


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J.J. reads about the fight at the club and asks Will if it had anything to do with Theresa. Daniel tells Jennifer he never received her message about the magazine article deadline. Kate makes it clear to E.J. she doesn't like to be threatened. Jordan tells Rafe for the time being they'll do physical therapy in his room. Melinda offers Sami a deal instead of a jury trial, but in return wants Stefano and E.J. Hope confronts Theresa knowing what happened to her in California. Jennifer lies to J.J. as to her whereabouts which displeases Daniel. Stoller tells E.J. he did what he asked, by putting funding in the account of Bernardi's son and post dated the deposits. J.J. walks in on Daniel and Jennifer in a romantic moment.

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