Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 207

Ep. #12162


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Kate complains to Kayla how Stefano has access to Rafe's hospital room. J.J. sees that Rory and a friend set him and Rory up to get busted for possession. Nicole calls Marlena to see if she wants her to help in deal with Kristen. Jordan tells Rafe not to overdo it with his physical therapy. Justin tells Sami that new evidence was brought to light courtesy of Adrienne. Stoller tells E.J. that he has nothing to worry about in getting caught. Eric tells Daniel he continues to feel uneasy about the night he got sick. Hope informs Jennifer that J.J. was arrested for selling drugs, and confronts him wanting an explanation. E.J. pushes Justin to move forward with Sami's trial. Kate tries to shake Jordan. Eric has another vision of someone walking towards him.

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