Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 214

Ep. #12169

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Chad is livid after realizing that Cameron told Kayla, but she explains she consulted on his case. Jennifer tells Abigail that J.J. left cause he refused to live by the rules that she set. Marge says the only solution if that the DiMera's put that money in her son's account. J.J asks Hope if he can stay with her for a couple days, but she says for him to go home. Abigail realizes after talking with J.J. there's no getting through to him. E.J. gets nervous when Melinda calls an F.B.I Agent who explains the money was deposited a couple months after Bernardi was killed. Abigail seeks comfort in Chad's arms. E.J. goes to Melinda offering to hand over Stefano to her.

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