Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 215

Ep. #12170


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E.J. gives Melinda a deal, which she turns down saying Sami will go down for murdering a cop. Maxine tells Cameron that maybe Abigail needs a shoulder to lean on, but Cameron says they're just friends. Sami tells Lucas that what went on in court is pretty bad. Gabi pleads with Sonny to keep her secret from Will. Abigail tells Chad she wants her first time to be with him. E.J. goes home and gets his and Sami's phony passports. Johnny comes in the room wanting his mom to come home now. Nick is unsettled and asks Gabi what was that whole deal with her and Cameron just know. Lucas brings over some of Will's old baby toys for Arianna to have. Gabi sees something different about Abigail. Stefano tells E.J. that he doesn't have to do anything to help Sami. Cameron learns some information while overhearing Gabi and Abigail. Chad thinks he needs to keep the ruse about his brain tumor to keep Chad with Abigail.

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