Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 220

Ep. #12175


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Jennifer turns down Theresa's proposition to bring J.J. home in exchange for her job. Kristen tells Brady she can feel that something horrible is happening. Chloe tells Daniel she apologizes for all the things she did to him and Jennifer. Nicole intervenes as Victor tells Abigail about Jennifer letting go of Daniel. Marlena tells Victor she almost made a breakthrough with Eric. Caroline gives Theresa some advice. J.J., Bev, and Rory almost get caught when Abigail comes. Brady comes home and asks Victor what he and Marlena are up to. Nicole has a fantasy of Eric coming to her room and kisses her. J.J. finds a picture of Daniel and his mother and smashes it. Kristen looks at the flash drive thinking she won't need it anymore.

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the middle class, love triangle, the high class, secrets and lies, suburban life