Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 222

Ep. #12177


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E.J. asks Chad if he's okay then why is he researching experimental treatments. Daniel confronts J.J. saying he won't tell anybody he broke into his place. Theresa asks Jennifer if she's happy now that she has to leave town. Rafe wants to level with Jordan, trying to get her to ease up. Will asks Kate if she plans to hire Nick back to her company. Jennifer tells Daniel what was he thinking trying to talk to J.J. Chad lashes at E.J. when he blackmails him to move back into the mansion. Anne tells Theresa, with the stunt she pulled there maybe a place for her at Salem University. Rafe tells Kate that Jordan is so difficult to see right through. J.J. tells Rory that Daniel knows they broke into his place. Will is stunned when he catches Gabi and Nick in a compromising position.

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