Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 236

Ep. #12191

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Brady tells Kristen there's an opening and asks Kristen if they want to get married sooner. Candy asks Nicole why is she leaving St. Luke's, when it's clearly she wants to stay. Eric asks for help from someone who works at the hotel where he stayed. Theresa drops Daniel's bracelet in front of Jennifer and Abigail, and Karin suspects something. Jennifer and Abigail arrive to show their support for J.J. Nicole reveals to Brady that Kristen was unfaithful to him. Daniel attempts to watch what's on the flash drive but is interrupted by Kristen's arrival. Judge Goldberg denies bail for J.J. Theresa takes Daniel's key and lets herself into his apartment.

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the middle class, love triangle, the high class, secrets and lies, suburban life