Days of our Lives

Season 48 Episode 239

Ep. #12194

Full Episode: Ep. #12194


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Jennifer slaps Theresa, and causes a big scene at the hospital. Daniel tries to talk J.J. into going back home. Jordan asks Kate just what about her does she want to know. Will tells Adrienne he is against the idea of having Justin defend Marge after she almost did. Gabi tells Rafe that for the first time she is really happy. Hope sees Nick is thinking of leaving Salem to start fresh somewhere else. Will tells Sonny he just received a writing fellowship in California, but he turned it down. Maggie fills Daniel in on the animosity between Jennifer and Theresa. Nick is on edge and thinks he needs to get Gabi away from Salem and Cameron altogether. Daniel pays Theresa a surprise visit. Jennifer gives J.J. an ultimatum.

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