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  • CC doesn't "portray" DCI / Capt Helen Morton, she actually BECOMES Helen Morton. Amazing actress.

    For me, CaroIine Catz saved the show.

    I had labeled DCI Banks with a 4-letter word, "bore" and filed it my "needs new cast bin". Why? Although the show is very well written, settings are great, etc... Tompkinson can unwittingly convert a trip to Disneyworld into exhausting inward turmoil, replete with his omnipresent deadpan, and his 1-facial expression (misery) for all things, all the time throughout each episode. He is boring, boringly ill-suited as lead detective. Meanwhile, high spirited, strong-willed and outrageously aggressive Annie(?) Lowe is good as Cabbot. She is fun to watch and for me, represents pulsating real life in the stories. But even Lowe can't resurrect Tompkinson from the gloom of "walking dead". Tsk, tsk, tsk. Looking at the show I got exhausted, not entertained because of Tomkinson's tedious dragging of his well-fed, albatross throughout every storyline. Who wants to work with "DCI Doom & Gloom" in real life? Then, add the show's horrific murders, psycho villains, and sundry other unsettling miscreants & police problems... (gasp) So I exercised my remote control. THEN... I read somewhere that Caroline Catz... THE amazing Caroline Catz... Doc Martin's gorgeous "Louisa" was joining cast of DCI Banks. Hallelujah! She's a new and wonderful reason to resurrect DCI Banks from my "BORE bin". As usual, CC did not disappoint. Confession: Yep. I was somewhat leery of CC being acceptable & believable to me as someone other than beloved "Louisa" for Doc Martin. She literally IS Louisa Ellingham in Port Wenn, the seaside home of amazing Doc Martin. But... I love watching CC's work so much... I HAD to give it a go look at her in DCI Banks.

    Hallelujah! What a brilliant change to the show. New character is a complicated woman fully imbued with depth of overall persona, quirky and complicated personality, behavior and even a surprisingly complete (and also VERY unusual) family and married life. "Strange Affair", CC's first outing on DCI Banks was, to say the least, compelling. Splendid. She literally WAS not Caroline Catz; she definitely was NOT "Louisa Ellingham" and amazingly, she was so absorbing and compelling as DCI Morton... I never had a thought of "Louisa" I was far too "sold and delivered" that I was watching DCI Morton in DCI Banks. (Yep. I am addicted to Doc Martin (Martin Clunes), especially the passionate love story between the grouchy, gruff Physician and his unusually beautiful Louisa (CC). I love everything about DM and MARTIN CLUNES... (sigh). Anyway... as I began, Caroline Catz put DCI Banks back on my viewer list for as long as she continues with the cast. I have already bought series 2 and 3 for my personal library and of course will buy other series when they're available. THANK you Peter Robinson; Left Bank Pictures; iTV and especially... THANK you, Thank YOU... Caroline Catz. I'm so pleased, delighted that iTV and Left Bank listened to viewers and put life aka Caroline Catz in the cast. She has shaken up Tompkinson just the right amount to elevate him to "human" from his past "miserable troll".


  • onderful detective show

    Having read the other reviews here I was quite surprised about the negative ones, and the "too predictable" complaints. I find the cast to be really enjoyable to watch, and the stories are interesting and well written. Sure the chief is a little glum here and there, but overall he seems like a relatively happy fellow, even with the reasonable hope of a love interest. There is a minimum of forensic or medical nonsense that makes it hard for someone who knows a little bit about such things to watch without squirming. The interaction with the new DI in the most recent season is fun, and the character actors are very familiar to those of use who watch a lot of BBC.
  • Wish there were more...

    I know there are episodes in the making for 2015, but I sure wish they would hurry up!

    Very good program. Can't wait to see what they are up to.
  • extremely underrated

    so much so there isn't even a fan review for this show. what a shame. its pretty good. definitely worth watching.. its atmospherically beautiful, well acted and filmed. and the girls certainly are pretty.

    I'll take Burroughs and Catz on a vacation to Penetration Island.