DCI Banks - Season 2

ITV (ended 2016)




Episode Guide

  • 11/8/12

    Following the collapse of the murder trial, Banks remains determined to prove the case against his suspect. Ongoing investigations by Morton and Jackman would seem to implicate the victim's boyfriend, but then another schoolgirl is found murdered.

  • 11/7/12

    A schoolgirl has been murdered, and possibly raped. A local theatre director implicates himself by giving a false statement, and when forensic evidence links him to the murder scene, Banks is convinced he has his man. DI Morton is concerned that Banks may have closed his mind to other possibilities.

  • 10/31/12

    Following the vicious assault on Pamela Jeffries, DCI Banks is determined to understand more about the complex life of murder victim Keith Rothwell, and his investigation brings him into further conflict with DCI Burgess. DI Morton, meanwhile, believes that the return of the dead man's son will provide a fruitful line of enquiry.

  • 10/24/12

    DCI Banks and DI Morton investigate the murder of a chartered accountant who has been leading a double life. The detectives uncover a link to a money-laundering racket which leads to a conflict with an ongoing fraud investigation.

  • 10/17/12

    DCI Banks breaks the news of his brother's murder to their parents. He clashes with DI Morton, who reasons he is too close to the case to lead the investigation, but the pair must put aside their differences as they attempt to trace the escort Carmen, who appears to have a connection to both victims. The evidence the pregnant escort provides leads the detectives to a horrific realisation.

  • 10/10/12

    DCI Banks gets a telephone call from his estranged brother, Roy, asking for help, and rushes off to Harrogate to find him. DI Helen Banks, drafted in to the major crimes team, leads an investigation into the murder of a woman shot dead in her car, and evidence found at the scene suggests a connection to DCI Banks. DS Annie Cabbot tries unsuccessfully to warn her boss,but he cannot be reached. Banks, meanwhile, uncovers complications in his brother's personal and professional lives.