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It's a good thing that Legends has such a likeable cast. Otherwise "Beebo the God of War" would have been a below-par episode.

Really, could you imagine this episode in a series like Timeless? Or even a companion show like Arrow? The focus would have been primarily on the mission, and restoring the Anachronism. Yes, there would have been some jokes and jibes along the way.

But Legends... Legends seems to have fully embraced its comedic side. While still mixing in a bit of dealing with the loss of a loved one in the plot. And the threat of Mallus, who gets half his street-cred by being voiced by John Noble.

A lot of the credit this episode goes to Wentworth Miller, who comes in as a swarmy mixture of Dr. Phil, Mr. Rogers, and... well, Wentworth Miller. Basically because he has a Statler-ish puppet of Martin to use for grief-counseling. The scenes with it themselves aren't that funny, but you've got Wentworth Miller holding a Martin Stein/Victor Garber puppet, with a swarmy smile on his face. That right there is comedy gold.

That's after we get a bit out of 1992 Christmas shopping. Graeme McComb return as Young Martin Stein, and basically does a version of Jingle All the Way. After grabbing a hard-to-get Talking Beebo toy for his new timeline-daughter Lily, Martin gets temporally displaced and finds himself in 1000 AD with a bunch of Vikings chasing after him.

And now we're to the recap. The Legends pick up the Anachronism--a Level 12!—and discover that Leif Ericson and his Vikings decided to hang around and conquer the new world. They've turned it into New Valhalla, and the team heads there to restore time to normal. They soon find Martin, hanging in a net near the Viking camp. It turns out that Leif's sister Freydis has decided that the way of conquest is best, and is using Beebo the talking toy to act as the Vikings' god. I'm not sure where he fits into Viking/Germanic mythology, but oh well. Nate kinda handwaves that by saying that the Vikings believed in trolls and such. Believing in trolls, and accepting them as gods that you must obey, are two different things.

Sara contacts Agent Lemonsuck... umm, I mean Ava Sharpe to help them. Ava agrees and joins the team as they dress up as visiting Vikings and try to steal Beebo. The plan goes awry and Mick gets captured, and the Legends blow their cover to rescue him. Mick ends up frying the Beebo doll.

Just when things seem resolved, Damien plays up dressed as Odin (with Nora as a Valkyrie) and wows the Vikings into invading the new world. The Legends regroup back on Waverider, and Ava reveals that the Time Bureau is in disarray since Rip was captured, tried, and sent to prison. The Bureau decides not to waste resources on Damien because they've already lost a few dozen agents to him. Sara doesn't give up so easily. She tells the rest of the Legends to go home, and reveals her plan to march into Damien's new longhouse and get her neck magically broken.

The team points out that this might not be the best plan and decide to stand with her. Some of them take on Damien, and for some reason Steel is able to resist Damien's magical mojo. Meanwhile, Citizen Cold and Heat Wave team up to take on Nora, and Jax and Amaya help them. Nora gets stunned and Damien teleports away with her. Sara grabs Damien and ends up in an alternate universe filled with Mallus. And malice. Sadly, Mallus and Freydis never meet, since John Noble plays Mallus and Katia Winter plays Freydis. And they were teamed up on Sleepy Hollow together.

In any case, Ava returns and somehow pulls Sara back to reality. We also find out earlier that Ava is a lesbian. So presumably she wasn't the agent Sara got the security key from back in "Aruba-Con", or Sara would already know this, but she acts surprised and somewhat happy to find out.

Subplots? First, Leo Snart is being all Dr. Phil-ish, and notices that Mick drinks a lot. He gets rid of all the alcohol on the ship, which is why Mick gets caught: he steals Beebo's sacrificial mead. After a big argument in which Leo admits that he misses his partner Mickey and Mick admits that he misses his partner Len, the two team up in the aforementioned Nora slapdown.

The other main subplot is that Jax is dealing with Martin's death. With some coaching from Zari, Jax decides to return Young Martin to 1992 and give him a letter with instructions not to open it until the day that Old Martin dies: November 28, 2017. Which not-so-coincidentally was the real-life day that the episode where Martin died aired. Which means... Barry and Iris originally intended to get married on a Monday? All-righty.

Young Martin burns the letters and tells Jax to move on with his life. Which Jax does, but since he can't do that aboard Waverider, he decides to leave. The Legends throw a Christmas/Going Away party for Jax. Jax leaves and when Sara comes back, she finds John Constantine (Matt Ryan) waiting for her so he can ask for help dealing with a demon that knows Sara's name. And... roll end credits.

Like I said, this isn't a great episode basic-plotwise. What kicks it up is the continuity: we get more on Mallus, the team is dealing with Martin's death. Not just Jax, but everyone is kinda depressed over the whole thing. We also get more with Leo: his helping the Legends with grief-counseling, his feuding with Mick over alcohol, and his own admitted grief for the death of his partner on Earth-X.

There are also lots of little bits. Atom flies into the Beebo doll and talks through it to stall the attacking Vikings, and gives them a lecture on evolution and global warning. We get callbacks to Zari's love of video games--she plays Mortal Kombat against Jax--and her finding a loophole in temporal continuity to take Helen of Troy to a better place. And Dominic Purcell could do Mick in his sleep by now: Mick is boozing, complaining when he can't booze, admiring Freydis, and expressing his hatred of puppets. As well as playing the subtler moments when he admits that he prefers Len to Leo and why.

Although nobody comments that they have a team member with the same name as a Mortal Kombat fighter, and Jax fights as him in the video game. Of course he does. Hmm. Maybe they should outfit Jax with cybernetic arm covers.

And of course, you have a talking 90s toy with all the charm of a Gremlin.

So overall I'd consider "Beebo" average or a little above. Not for the basic plot, which was pretty average. But for all the side performances and sidetrips.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?


So between the holidays in the states, and Black Lightning taking over the Tuesday 9/8 timeslot from Legends (at least for a little while), we won't be seeing Legends again until February, according to the end promo. I'm sure I'll be reviewing stuff between now and then, including maybe Black Lightning. But for Legends, we'll see you then.
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Dec 08, 2017
This show is just awesome! Silly ride, but it does have some slick moments. I simply love it! DC Movies could learn a few things from these shows. Anyways, We get Matt Ryan's Constantine!! And Miller's Citizen Cold! Love me this show! :)
Dec 06, 2017
Constantine!! *realizing this is the mid season finale probably* F- this is going to be a long winter break....

Also, Sara and Sharpe are going to end up in bed at the end of the season, aren't they? Cause Sara is gay. So they have to do that, right?
Dec 06, 2017
In the crossover, she claimed to be Bi. But I don't recall her ever having any sort of interest in any male character other than her flashbacks with Oliver.

Also, It's clear those two should "get a room" already. It's more than just the gay\bi thing. If those were a man and a woman we'd be counting the minutes till it happens.
Dec 06, 2017
So last time, Nora held up Ray, Mick and someone else... Now she can't hold Mick and Leo?

And call me crazy, but in the season opener, when Jax tried to pretend to be ares (oops... Mars) I thought that was a slick move. Yet none of these guys tried to do exactly what Dhark did?

I would assume it's a piece of cake for them to show their powers (those who have powers).

And I still don't get what Sarah was thinking. She tells everyone to fall back when Dhark arrives but they just attack him later... Why?
If 3 of them can attack him why not the whole team?

And for the love of anything, yes, Dhark can snap Sarah's neck. Why doesn't the real one bother doing that?

The cliffhanger? Meh. Mallus should have been the cliffhanger. While I liked Constantine, he is completely out of any real interest here.

Also, I don't get Jax leaving. I knew that Garber wanted to leave, but why is Jax leaving? Did the actor want to leave? Did they realize they have nothing to do with the character? Or is he going just to come back in the second half?

And what's the deal with Leo? First, Ray goes to EarthX for his animated show? Except that Ray is from EarthX and Leo isn't. Why isn't Leo going with him? It also slightly bothers me since Ray was supposed to be a bigger thing with him being the first open oedipus super hero with his own show in the Arrowverse.
But if Leo doesn't go with him, then he is without his significant other? So doesn't that take everything out of the equation?

Wentworth Miller also tweeted that he did his final episode ever in the arrowverse, but it seems like Leo is actually going to be sticking around for a while? So he was only joking?
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