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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • 3/31/09
      Agents utilize the opportunity to catch a dope dealer, by using the girlfriend as bait for a trap. A half-million dollar shipment of crystal meth is headed for the city, agents attempt to intercept the shipment.
    • Undercover Cocaine Bust
      Undercover work is part of the job when it comes to the DEA, risky and bold it is required to take down the big dealers. This undercover operation results in a cocaine dealer giving up a local kingpin.
    • 3/24/09
      Agents are on the heels of a multi-million dollar cocaine deal because of a captured fugitive. Working undercover a major ecstasy trafficker is sniffed out, agents learn they are dealing out of a suburban mansion.
    • 3/17/09
      An informant leads the team to a New Jersey Deli that is supplying weed to the area. The team works to get an inside track but their cover is blown, leaving the case and the team in jeopardy.
    • 3/10/09
      The DEA is trying to flip a stripper, trying to convince her to be an informant on her coke dealing boyfriend. Risking her life and Agent Stevens life, an undercover job is set in place to deliver coke worth a million dollars.
    • 3/3/09
      A fugitive wanted for murder is apprehended and flipped as an informant on the Bloods Street Gang. With the location of a stash house in hand, the Agents get word of a million dollar money drop they plan to interrupt.
    • 2/24/09
      Known as the Juarez Cartel this Mexican drug ring is tight lipped and providing meth for the East Coast. When Agents get a father to flip on a son, a record breaking bust goes down and interrupts the drug flow.
    • Group 5-6 and Agent DelGato set up an undercover buy with a Columbian drug trafficker. This high risk maneuver ends up with a showdown DEA vs. the traffickers.
    • The DEA sets up surveillance on a local heroin house. Using high tech weapons, state of the art surveillance, and an eye in the sky the team sets out this bring this guy down.
  • Season 1