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  • it all fact

    this show take you in to the world, we don't see everyday. they put their life on the line everyday and they live their family everyday too. ok here it is....... if you have a JOB that you might not come home from? how would you handle if you were face to face with someone that has a gun? just something to think about.
  • Good idea, try a little research.

    First of all, the DEA can not stop as many cars as they like, they absolutely have no right to enforce any law other than federal except to stop a crime in progress, and going on a fishing expedition for traffic violations doesn't qualify as such.

    Secondly, the people in question who were illegally stopped, were leaving the home of a suspected drug dealer, not a drug house, which constitutes reasonable suspicion exactly that the driver knew the suspect, and nothing more. These people do in fact constantly violate people's rights and use excessive force on that show with the expectation that the worst thing that will happen to them is that their illegal evidence will be disallowed, but they expect to plea people out with the threat of their own unlimited legal budget, illegal searches be damned.

    They did show the entire traffic stop uninterrupted, so yes, we do know that they never identified themselves as DEA.

    Finally, the reason that the prisons are over flowing for the purposes of this discussion is because of drug users who have received the excessive minimum sentences which serve to employ these thugs. Being able to form a complete sentence which conveys reality as you wish it to be in order to feel smart doesn't make you an expert or the facts as you state them real.
  • A great cop doc format show where we follow Drug Enforcement Administration Officer's in a different city of the country each season. It shows us how they take drug dealer's off the street and is very rewarding to watch.

    Spike TV has been growing since UFC took off and I find this show one of the best new additions to their lineup. This first season took place in Detroit but every season they plan to move and focus on a different group of DEA officers which finds season 2 moving to 'Tony Soprano's' own New Jersey where Group 56 (said "Five-Six") tackles the drug world and tries to clean up the streets. In my opinion these shows are done better than most live action series and I find the second season so far, especially, to be more adrenaline fueled than the more recent seasons of 24. (In fact I was surprised to learn that a thirteen episode cop drama series entitled DEA, based on the DEA's exploits, had been produced in 1990 but apparently never took off and was way before it's time. Just as well now that we have this awesome reality series based on the real guys). I highly recommend this show to anyone who either loves the Cop Camera based documentaries, loves action and good entertaining television, or even for those who like cop or criminal based dramas to give a try. 5 stars, I'm glad for the number of episodes that this set is only 19.99 and I can't wait for the second season on DVD and it's not even done airing yet as I write this. If your not sure if this is for you check out your listings to catch the new season on Spike TV and give it a try.
  • Ignorance is not bliss.

    Dear Karlzbad:

    By reading your comments, you obviously have no idea what the term probable cause means. In any event, police don't need probable cause to detain someone, only REASONABLE SUSPICION. Look it up. Also, DEA agents can stop as many cars as they want to. Do some real life research on how the various factions of law enforcement operate. You can't know by watching that show, all the information those agents had when they stopped that car. Everything that happens is NOT in the show. Watch it for what it is: Entertainment. Don't try to criticize things that you know nothing about. Know what you are talking about or shut up. P.S. Stop watching all those stupid TV crime dramas. They're filling your head with misconceptions.
  • In response to previous review......Karlzbad, hello?

    First of all, when a vehicle leaves a known drug house, you have probable cause to pull them over. WHY? Because you SAW them leave this KNOWN "good-time" house, which means they probably have drugs on them....which hello? The couple DID. If I remember correctly, the agents gave them a BIG break, by letting the guy go, even though he was either driving on a suspended or revoked license. He was cited for that and the girl was cited for misdemeanor drug possesion. Yes, the agents made the statement that they needed to find out who these people were, but they had probable cause, so whatever the reason, they had the cause. And just because the episode did not show the agents identifying themselves, does not mean they didn't. Things are deleted out of the episodes to make them move along at a quicker pace, and to keep only the pertinent info in. Second, why can't the DEA agents make traffic stops? They are law enforcement officers. They have vehicles with emergency lights on them. They were police officers on the streets of cities across the nation before they became DEA. Show me where they can't pull people over. What is the basis for this argument? As far as detaining somone, when you get pulled over, for whatever reason, that is the officer's reason to detain you, and if you consent to search, then are subject to the stupid stuff you have in your vehicle.

    Stacy Keach may have been arrested in 1984 for whatever. That doesn't mean he does stuff like that now. Give me a break! That was 12 years ago. People change.

    The reason why we have so many people in jail, is because we have so many people "scum" trying to circumvent the system for the almighty dollar. That is the only reason people deal drugs....most dealers are not drug users. They are smart enough not to use. And if the US would implement forms of punishment like most European countries have, people would be less likely to commit crimes. They would be afraid to. I am all for free speech, but if you're going to argue about something, you need to base your argument on FACT not opinion. Basically without fact, you just sound bitter, not knowledgeable.