Dead at 21

MTV - Music Television (ended 1994)


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  • I was 10 or 11 years old when this show aired, kids my age were generally watching MTV and Nickelodeon, this show was a somewhat more mature program and very interesting for what it offered.

    I really enjoyed this series, I watched every episode and was interested until the very end. It was very disappointing that it just ended like that after one season, but it was better than nothing. I remember the show being a little corny, funny cut scenes and camera angles, but it was MTV and Dead at 21 was a very good program back the for teenagers. It had a bit of violence and suspense, I remember a few pretty girls in it. This show was definitely a success for MTV and they should have extended it or continued creating programs like this from within their network. Unfortunately we all know how every network went with their programming, being reality based and it's a shame we don't see good TV programs created anymore. If Dead at 21 aired new today, I would still imagine a lot of kids being interested and watching considering what is out there nowadays. Not to mention, I would probably still watch it and be entertained. Great show, maybe a little bit before it's time or just hidden to the "public" being that it was on MTV in 1994.. who honestly remembers the late Summer and early Fall of 1994?
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