Dead Famous

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Dead Famous

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Gail Porter and Chris Fleming take a spirited road trip through the West Coast of America looking for the ghostly locations where the legends of stage and screen reside. She is a self-confessed sceptic, he is a "sensitive" able to detect paranormal events beyond the range of the five senses. Together their mission is to investigate the "Dead Famous"! What will Gail and Chris uncover? And will Gail lose her scepticism during some of the show's most intriguing paranormal experiences?

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AIRED ON 2/28/2006

Season 3 : Episode 304

Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming

Psychic Investigator

Gail Porter

Gail Porter

Presenter (as Gail Porter)

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  • DEAd Famous in FAbulous .. I want see More . But i'm not able to do it Please Help ME .

    Hi i was watching the show when it Was : Jim Morrison show.

    And i think that is extraordinary the capacity of be talking with Jim and find some hiding informations.

    Sorry my english is not well . But i wanna say Wow how they can do this !!! How they can learn soo much about the died people . And ... How this is FreaK !!! I love the show and i want to see more épisodes But I not understand how i can have point or anything to get an another Level . Im french and i be new here . Soo can people explain Me Plz

    Thanks. BecausE i want to see more about Dead FAmous

    Annie (Mtl)

    21 years old.moreless
  • It was cool finding Elvis Presley in the house there they heard a voice who said "help me"

    But it is oe thing i will that they shal do if someone have contact with chris or gail can you ask the find Eddie Guerrero died 38 Years old in minapolis in his hotelroom

    found of Chavo guerrero.

    Eddie`s real name is Eduardo Gori Guerrero and i want them to find him. he will be deeply missed he is still i our hearts and was famous over USA, England , Mexico, Italy, Spain, Norway, Germany, China and Japan ,and many other places in the world and i want toknow if his spirit is there some place.moreless
  • Love the show.

    Great show !!! Enjoy it more than that other show. Love Chris, your possessions are breathtaking and I hold my breath everytime. Gail you have some issues you need to work out. I watch all the shows every week even the reruns. I have always believed in the paranormal and that we can all communicate with them if you have the tools and the belief. Keep up the great work and I will continue to watch season after season. How about Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, to find out if they are still on the road to somewhere. See you on the other side.moreless
  • Show about contacting dead celebrities.

    This show is awesome...I thought the Frank Sinatra episode was good, although they never came in contact with him. The EVP recordings they got were super freaky!I have watched this show only 4 times, but each time I like it more...the Jim Morrison episode was quite entertaining especially with the psychic at the end...when she said he had told her something she couldn\'t repeat. I have also seen the Marilyn Monroe episode and the Lucille Ball episode, bot were good as well. I have recommended this show to many people, although it\'s on at a terrible time for me!! Oh well!moreless
  • The show about Bing Crosby was the greatest! I am from the Spokane area and was glued to the TV. The historical facts were on target. Everyone in town has heard of Otis,the guy who died in the Fox. The wide shots of the city were the bestmoreless

    I wish they would have went to the Crosby home on the south hill. I bet they would have really found him there. He also has a library named for him at Gonzaga. The talk about the organized crime in the area was so right. There is alot of history of that kind of thing in the area. During prohabition they would float boxes and barrels of stuff down the river to the clients to keep the police from finding it. Although most of the cops were in on it. They made alot of money that way. I hope you do more of these shows in the inland northwest. Lana Turner is from that area too, over by Kelloge Idaho.moreless