Dead Famous

Living Premiered Jun 01, 2004 In Season





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  • The show about Bing Crosby was the greatest! I am from the Spokane area and was glued to the TV. The historical facts were on target. Everyone in town has heard of Otis,the guy who died in the Fox. The wide shots of the city were the best

    I wish they would have went to the Crosby home on the south hill. I bet they would have really found him there. He also has a library named for him at Gonzaga. The talk about the organized crime in the area was so right. There is alot of history of that kind of thing in the area. During prohabition they would float boxes and barrels of stuff down the river to the clients to keep the police from finding it. Although most of the cops were in on it. They made alot of money that way. I hope you do more of these shows in the inland northwest. Lana Turner is from that area too, over by Kelloge Idaho.